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Unlimited PTO: What Are Good Questions To Ask In Interviews Surrounding Unlimited PTO?

We've heard of Unlimited PTO- but is it real? Or is it a hoax?🤷🏾‍♀️

Every company that claims they offer unlimited PTO may have its own definition, so you need to make sure you fully understand the culture behind a company before committing because of that sweet, sweet benefit. What if we told you that there is a way to investigate that PTO deal before accepting an offer?

We turned to our Slack community to determine:

"What are good questions to ask in interviews surrounding unlimited PTO?"

Here are the tips that they offered:

HIREBLACK Member Orie says:

You can ask what limitations they have, if certain times of year are blocked off, how much notice is required, etc.

If the company has recently transitioned to unlimited (in last 5 years or so) ask what effects they have seen since implementation (improvements to culture or work life balance, more or less people taking time they need, etc)

HIREBLACK Member Mari says:

Ask them what's the average amount of PTO days employees use throughout the year, if they're not keeping track but touting unlimited PTO, be very weary.

HIREBLACK Member Emily says:

You could also ask what the average time for PTO that Managers take is. If the supervisors aren't taking much PTO then it's likely the employees aren't taking as much PTO either.

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